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Recording of amended motion

Guest Jan

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We're an Incorporated society of a dance club - committee run

At a committee meeting a motion was moved, which I seconded to get the discussion going.

An amendment was then put on the floor (moved and seconded by others).

The amendment was then voted on and carried (I voted 'no' to the amendment).

Our chair/president then changed the original motion to reflect the amendment (he kept the original wording, crossed it out, and inserted the new wording).

It therefore looks as though I seconded the amended motion - which I'm not happy about.

When I queried this, I was told we were following Robert's rules...

Is he right?

(it seems to me as though I seconded something, which has been changed, but I'm still responsible...)

I would have thought the original motion would stand, as would the amendment, with movers and seconders recorded as such. (Our minutes do reflect who moved and seconded motions and amendments)

(The amended motion was eventually voted on and carried - I abstained)

Your help with this would be much appreciated

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The chair did it correctly. It is sort of a quirk in RONR that adopting an "unfriendly" amendment can make things look like you seconded something you didn't like.

HOWEVER... Since seconder's names are NOT supposed to be included in the minutes, there should be no trace of your (misunderstandable) actions.

So when the minutes come up for approval next meeting, point to p. 470, lines 26-28, and insist that your name, as seconder, be removed from the minutes.

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