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We had a 3 person committee to handle the nominations on the night for nominations. They were to count take ballot nominations, ask people who were nominated if they would accept the office, then count who the nominees were. Then at next months meeting the nominees would be announced and a ballot vote would be taken to elect the officers.

Unfortunately someone who was on the committee informed a person who is not on current board nor is an officer, but who wants to be/was nominated for President the nominations for each office. The current board had no knowledge of this or who was even nominated. While going through my facebook, I found where this person had all this information and had posted it on their facebook page.

Is this legal, can this cause the nominations to be null & void. How do we handle this? Can any one help with this?


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While it is a bit twitchy RONR p. 528 does say "No one can make allusion in the assembly to what has occurred during the deliberations of the committee, however, unless it is by report of the committee or by unanimous consent." which might suggest that this committee member broke some rule when he divulged information before the committee made its report. Also, he certainly broke a rule if the Committee met in Executive Session when they made their decisions and wrote their report. Although this committee member could be disciplined for running his mouth I see no reason why the nominations would be invalid since the Board was going to find out the nominations later anyway plus if the nominations were invalidated would the Committee all the sudden decide to come up with different people as nominees?

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Thank you for answering my question, Chris. After thinking about it we figured there was no use in making nominations void, the nominations would not change. I don't think I really stated the problem/question correctly or in whole. One of the persons nominated (himself) for an office, is also doing his own thing like the club, which is separate from the club and not supported by the club. I don't know what to call it. It's not a business, it's not a non-profit, although he does sell animals privately, he does adoptions & rescue, he does take contributions, etc. He has a website and Facebook Page with the name he hopes to someday have a non-profit under. He posted the nominations on his Facebook page under (?) fictitious name he is using, before the nomination committee gave their report/findings to the Board. The Board found out the the nominates from this Facebook page...This person has been told in the past he has to keep his personal side operations separate from the clubs. Is there any rules on this?

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