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Emergency Executive Session

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Can a President Pro Tem call an emergency executive session when a president resigns and the club has received a legalletter? Also, can the President Pro Tem decide what will be on the agenda and are there any limits what can be on the agenda?

A chair (or president) pro tem only has authority during the meeting at which he was elected chair pro tem so he would not be able to call a special (i.e. emergency) meeting. But perhaps you're referring to some sort of "interim" president? If so, he'll have only the authority your bylaws give him.

Further, special meetings can only consider the business that was mentioned in the "call" (the notice) of the special meeting so, in a sense, the notice sets the agenda.

Finally, the term "executive session" refers to a meeting (or portion thereof) in which the business conducted therein is confidential. It does not, as many think, necessarily refer to a meeting of the executive board or executive committee.

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