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Guest Dusty

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I've been in a meeting where a member brought up a topic that had already been discussed at a committe meeting.

The topic and meeting was a free for all. This topic discussion lasted 30 minutes, on and on! Until one member got up and was recognized and called for a motion to accept the Project and form a committee to discuss it and report at the next meetng.

A member then got of order, but alowed to make comments as well as others, also saying they already have a committee but wanted to present it and vote.

I've never been in such a disorganized meeting.

How should this have been handled?

Give info on the Project at hand, have discussion and then make the necessary a motion, second and vote? Thank you

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Your last paragraph was close but the ordering was mixed up:

Motion, second, stating by the chair, then discussion (which could include "giving information"), possible amendments of the motion, vote, announcement of result of vote.

See p. 32 ff., particularly the "general rule" on p. 34, lines 7-9 and 32-34.

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