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Our club have no "Conflict of Interest" in our By Law or PPM or Guidelines.

Our 4 Board of Directors are involved in other organization that we are partner with to set up a big event in two weeks.

The event committees asked us to loan $1,100 for musical rental. Our orgnization doesn't have enough money in account but we can try and come up. So, President asked all Board of Directors to vote whether we should help them with the money we have or declined.

Our 4 board of directors voted approved. I disagreed because they are involved in other organization and won't help with money too.

I believe that they should be absentee from being involved in the vote.

Am I wrong or right? I could not find right RROR stated anything related or similar to it.

Please advise ...

Thank you for your time.


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Am I wrong or right?

As far as RONR is concerned, your board members were perfectly free to vote as they did. If you (and enough other members) think they acted wrongly, you can try "punishing" them, up to and including removing them from office. See Chapter XX and FAQ #20.

Further, if it's not too late to do so, the general membership could rescind ("overturn") the decision of the board. See Official Interpretation 2006-13.


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You may also wish to check your bylaws - some organizations are prohibited from borrowing money as part of their bylaws (not sure if that's part of what happened to fund the extra $), and some organizations must have financial matters of that nature approved by the membership, not by the board.

RONR does not prohibit the board voting the way they did, because of any conflict of interest.

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