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Nope. Your description reads just like you "Fixed the Time to Which to Adjourn" - p. 242. Bet you didn't know you were that sophisticated in parliamentary procedure!

Letting people know about the "Adjourned Meeting", although not required by RONR, might be wise politically, especially if the subject is controversial. But, of course, if all the board members were there at the meeting just concluded, no need at all.

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It is indeed unfinished business, however, reports should come before any unfinished business, as should any special orders (if you have any).

I have to beg to differ...

In an "Adjourned Meeting" (which is a special sort of animal), you don't have "Reports" and the like first, but go to minutes then directly to where you left off at the previous meeting. p. 244, line 31 ff.

In (mostly) other words, you just pick up where you left off (minutes excepted). The content of the adjourned meeting is just what you would have kept on doing at the first meeting, had you not run out of time.

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