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As a constituent organization of a national organization dedicated to the understanding of RONR, and there being NO document published by the national organization addressing this subject, is it required that the contituent organization use the model format for minutes or is the model just a suggestion?

As we study RONR, we see that the chairman (or president) has much leeway in making decisions in questions of parliamentary procedures, but does the format of minutes fall under this category?

Most of us feel that as long as all substantial information is included in the minutes, that following the minutes format of the national organization's meetings is proper. Only 1 member has a strong issue with this and we've actually lost a secretary over the nit-picking of the minutes! We are trying to stop the madness and just get back to studying RONR. I've "bolded" the main question, but any other info would be helpful.

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The chairman has no more power to dictate the form of the minutes than she or he has to dictate any other special rules of the organization. If RONR is your parliamentary authority, you should follow the format in RONR or replace it with special rules adopted by your assembly. What you should not do is format your minutes according to the whims of individual members.

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