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Our bylaws state to change the bylaws the changes have to be read at one general membership meeting with no questions or comments all they do is read them then at the next membership meeting they read the bylaws then the changes then there has to be a motion to accept a second then asks are there any additions or corrections, questions, then calls for the vote for the motion and then against the motion and then declares if the motion passes or not. Now my question is who does this the bylaws chair or the presiding officer in charge of the meeting? does the bylaw chair ask for the motion then second and calls for the vote and declares that the motion passed or not??

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The presiding officer presides; the bylaws chair has nothing to do with the processing of the pending motion (even if the pending motion is an amendment to the bylaws).

And what happened to debate? Maybe that's what you meant by "then asks are there any additions or corrections, questions"?

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