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Setting a quorum

Guest Monta Kellebrew

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Our by laws state that to amend or change the by laws there must be a quorum of 50% resident members present. Since you can NEVER get that many present, is there a rule (by announcement or otherwise) to set a quorum of less?

If by NEVER you mean NEVER, then there is nothing to be done about it. But if by NEVER you mean possible but not likely and it rarely happens but it did once not that long ago, then you might have a chance. While following whatever other restrictions/requirements (by which I mean prior notice, voting threshold, and so on) are included in your bylaws with regard to amending, do whatever you can to convince enough members to attend this one meeting so that you can amend the quorum requirement to one that is likely to be consistently met and will allow the business of the organization to progress. Offer pizza and beer, door prizes, free ballroom dancing lessons, free lawn mowing, best costume prizes -- whatever it takes. Make sure they know they won't have to attend another meeting ever, unless of course they are interested in what is happening at meetings and would like a say (and vote) in matters as members should.

Also, do you have a separate quorum for amending the bylaws? Typically, there is one quorum requirement for all meetings regardless of the business to be conducted. There might be a different quorum requirement for Board meetings as opposed to general membership meetings, but otherwise the quorum is the same whether bylaws are being amended or not.

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