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Quorum and Forced Adjourning


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The college organization has four principle officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. In addition to the officers, there is a Chairman who has no executive powers, but is there to ensure order.

According to our bylaws, it states:

  • Quorum: 3/4 of the Board must be present to conduct a business Board meeting
  • Votes: 3/4 (75%) majority needed in order for motions to pass

During a recent meeting, all four members were present, but then the Treasurer left, thus leaving 3 members. We still met quorum, but then the Secretary motioned to adjourn. The vote was 2-yes 1-no. The vote was split 2/3 (66%) which did not meet our bylaw's requirements of 75%. The Secretary was flustered and left the meeting, even after the Chair had announced that the motion had not passed and that made it clear that we were still in session.

Question 1: According to RRO, are there any consequences (such as arraignment, censure, etc) that the officer can face?

Question 2: Are there any points that should be noted by the Chair and/or in the Minutes?

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1. Whatever you wish to make him face -- but even (a mild) censure sounds unreasonable. I doubt that you could restrain the Sec. to stay in the room. He is free to walk out as you all are. Would you censure the Treasurer -- he walked out, too.

2. Once the Sec. left your meeting was inquorate and could do very little officially -- see p. 347 for the list. Minutes should show whatever you did do.

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Also, the only long-term solution to a host of other problems is to get rid of that 3/4 vote requirement, at least for procedural motions.

In voting, there are basically two options open to you: majority rule, or minority rule (also called democratic and undemocratic, respectively). Your bylaws, for whatever reason, have implemented the latter.

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