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Refer without Return

Guest Jake

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Our bylaws specify a chain of command, as such, with the highest at the left:

Referendum -> Meeting of General Membership -> Council -> Executive Committee

The motion to refer seems to be used only for further study, yet we have used it

a) To send a decision to the General Membership that Council didn't feel comfortable making (e.g. an extraordinarily large funding request)

B) to send a decision BACK to Council if the GM has decided that they are happy to let Council make the final decision.

Clearly, neither of these uses is applicable to the motion Refer. What motion should then be used? Is there one?

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Thank you for the reply!

Does that mean that any motion to "send" a motion to another body for a final decision is out of order?

Not necessarily, but if the body you're "sending" to is not a subordinate body, you can't instruct them to reach a decision. You can only recommend. They have every right to ignore your recommendation, and maybe even remind you that it was supposed to be your job to decide, for example.

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