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Calling a meeting


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In the case of a community board, Who exactly can call a meeting?

Special ("called") meetings are only possible if the bylaws authorize them and the bylaws should then specify who can call them and how they are to be called (e.g. how much notice is required).

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A regular meeting should be specified in one of three ways:

1) In the By-laws - for example, "The Board of Directors will hold regular meetings on the third Monday of each month.

2) The Board can determine the next meeting date before adjourning a meeting. For example, at the October meeting, the members can set the date for the November meeting.

3) If necessary, the Board can leave the date up to the President or another member. For example, the Board could pass a motion "To hold a meeting at the call of the President, with required notice."

Notice periods for a meeting should be specified in the By-laws.

A special meeting can only be called/held if the By-laws allow for them. And the By-laws would specify how the meeting is called. For example:

1) The President may call the meeting if necessary.

2) A specific number of Board members can request a special meeting (either 2 or 3 members, or a majority of members.)

3) Either through #1 or #2 (my personal preference.)

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