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Guest Brandon Kovach

Specific question, IF bylaws spell out REMOVAL OF ACTIVE CHAPTER OFFICERS. Certain parties want to impeach the newly elected president, however he has not even been installed.initiated nor done anything against the bylaws. Does Roberts Rules explain that active officers are only installed officers, it seems rather common sense, and also, does Roberts Rules explain what grounds are necessary for impeachment charges

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Guest Nancy N>

A couple of starting points.

1. Note that impeaching someone is not removal; it's roughly equivalent only to filing charges against the person (I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not practicing law without a licence, and I wouldn't even if I had one).

2. RONR is clear that "Installation ceremonies are a formality [as John R. put it, this forum, 13 Oct]" that do not affect the time that an elected person takes office: he takes office immediately the election is final, unless your bylaws say otherwise.

3. I am not familiar with the term, or concept, of active officers, as opposed to some other kind of officers (and I'm pretty sure it's not dealt with by Robert's Rules, or I would be). Do your bylaws define it, or give examples, or say what other kind of officers there might be? Mr. Kovach, What does the term mean, from your perspective?

4. PLease start with FAQ #20, "How can we get rid of officers we don't like before their term is up?", at www.robertsrules.com/faq.html#20 . (With apologies: I do not actually think it will answer your question completely, but we probably have to start there.)


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