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I don't believe there's anything in RONR that would require officers to be a certain age.

You may, however, want to check your organization's bylaws to see if they contain anything relevant to this situation. (For instance, if your bylaws indicate that the officers - including the secretary - must be members of the organization, and if they also require that members be 18 years of age or older, then the 15-year old would not qualify as a member of the organization, and would therefore not qualify to be an officer - in this case, the secretary - either.)

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Otherwise, the easiest way to stop a 15 year old from being elected to office would be to elect someone else to the office of Secretary.

The original poster didn't actually say that she had any objection to the 15 year old candidate for secretary. The statement was:

"The organization I belong to wants to make a 15 year old the Secretary."

Her question, I think, was whether this would break any rule in RONR.

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