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"Good of the Order"

Guest Carolyn

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Guest Carolyn

Can anyone shed light on this phrase?

I have not found it in RONR; I don't expect anyone to tell me it's there.

I am interested to know what this is intented, or customarily used to mean.

I am interested to know history as it relates to this phrase.

I am interested to know why it is not found in RONR.

Thank you for your time.

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Member in question used very foul language. I thought an apology was in order since several female members walked out, after his explosive and vile outburst.

You should have raised a point of order immediately at the time that the breach of decorum occurred, rather than waiting for Good of the Order which is usually scheduled toward the end of the meeting, and is not intended for motions related to discipline for offenses within a meeting, since it is expected they will be dealt with swiftly at the time they occur.


You also could have moved that the offending member be disciplined for his behavior--anything from a caution or censure to expulsion from membership, depending on the severity of the offense, if you had done so at the time, when all the witnesses to the offense were present.  Waiting until later means a longer and more drawn out trial process, under the rules in RONR.

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Waiting until later means a longer and more drawn out trial process, under the rules in RONR.


Depending on the circumstances, it may mean that it's not in order to discipline the member at all.


"In addition, even when improper conduct occurs at a meeting, in order for disciplinary action to be taken other than promptly after the breach occurs, charges must be preferred and a formal trial held. However, the only way in which a member may be disciplined for words spoken in debate is through the procedure described on pages 645–48, which may be employed only promptly after the breach occurs." (RONR, 11th ed., pg. 649)

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