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The constitution states that Roberts Rules shall apply.

Does this mean that the agenda is the normal order of business aas stated in RR?

An proposed agenda is mailed to members.

Can members, then at the meeting change the order of business as the agenda is being approved?

Does this require a suspension of the rules of the Constituion?

Can the Constitutiton rules be suspended?

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In general, bylaws cannot be suspended. Howe

See FAQ #14. However, using an agenda is not the normal order of business under RONR. See RONR pp. 353-363 which discusses the Standard Order of Business which should be sufficient for most organizations.

After reading FAQ #14 and pp 353-363, also read p.372. Even when an order of business is specified in the bylaws, its considered a rule of order. In this instance, an assembly may adopt it's own non-standard order of business, by a two-thirds vote.

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