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No. Actually, nominations do not need to be "accepted" by the nominee at all. However, if this person does not want to be nominated, and would decline the position of elected, it's best not to nominate him/her, so you might want to check in with him/her to see what his/her position on this is. And if this person is willing to serve if elected, it wouldn't hurt his/her chances if he/she let the president/secretary or membership know, perhaps even in writing. That way, those who vote for him/her will cast their votes with confidence for him/her (and I hope by the election you know which).

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The nominee does not need to be present. Like David stated, it is a good idea to make sure the person will accept election if elected, what position(s) the person is willing to be elected to (if applicable), etc. and to have something in writing indicating this. You don't want to elect the person to Treasurer, if the person is only willing to serve as a Director.

Even if the person is present, a nomination cannot be declined. However, the person could make a statement to the effect of "I do not wish to be elected" to make it clear that a vote for this person is likely useless.

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