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Can a board member 2nd a such motion?

Assuming this is the annual meeting of the general membership (and not the board), you're acting as a general member (i.e. a member of your association), not as a member of the board and you have all the same rights of membership as any other (general) member (including the right to make and second motions).

I'm not sure what you mean by "submitting the amendments" but if it refers to any required previous notice it's not the same as making the motion (to adopt the amendments).

Further, if the motion arises from a report of the board then a second would not be required (assuming the board consists of more than one member).

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At a membership meeting, you aren't doing anything "as a board member". You're doing things as a member.

The exception would be if you are the reporting member charged with reporting board recommendations to the membership. That might be in the form of a recommended motion, or simply as information. If you are a member of the assembly, you can actually make the motion, move to amend it, second it, or whatever (but seconds may not be required, as noted by others). If you're not, then someone who is will have to do so.

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