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Looking for talk given at NAP Convention September 2009

Guest John Montenigro

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Guest John Montenigro

I'm not sure where online I found it (I've been reading everything I can find on Robert's Rules), I came across a PDF with this title:

“Revising Robert’s Rules

A Talk by Henry M. Robert III

National Association of Parliamentarians Convention

September 13, 2009

The document ends with this note:

Thomas “Burke” Balch, who will give the next part of our talk.

[balch’s portion of the talk was not delivered from prepared text. The

Powerpoint Presentation that accompanied the Balch and Robert talk is

available at www.robertsrules.com ].

I've looked but have not been able to locate that Powerpoint presentation, and I was hoping someone here might be able to help me find it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


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