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The commodor can do it! And he has to do it if ten members ask him to.

... whether he's pleased about it or not.

It would be nice if your bylaws specified a time-frame in which this had to occur. If this doesn't specify, I'd suggest that the 10 members specify a time frame for this to happen, paying attention to your requirements for notice.

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It would also be nice if that phrase were rewritten slightly. I separated the sentence to demonstrate why (I hope).

Special meetings may be called:

1) By the commodore at his pleasure; or,

2) The commodore shall do so at the writen request of ten members of the club in good standing.

I had to read the phrase as it stands more than once. Why? Although it reads smoothly and somewhat poetically, it almost reads as if the second part is a conditional on the first part, which is contradictory, thus absurd, thus it couldn't be that - so it's not ambiguous - but since one might need to read it twice, it could be tweaked. :)

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