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What does Robert say about Board members and committees?

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Our cooperative has a rule requiring Board members to be Liaisons to committees but prohibits them from speaking, chairing or voting at committee meetings. There is nothing in statute or our bylaws on this subject. I've asked why we have this rule but only hear that "that's the way we've always done it." Is there anything in Robert that speaks for or against this position? Any citations, opinions or experiences would be helpful.


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RONR does not speak about this. Although it might just be as easy to appoint a Board member to each Committee. That would alow the Board member to be a full member of the Committee but be able to speak for the Committee at Board meetings (if applicable), and to make sure that any motions/issues referred to the Committee are actually 'received' by the Committee.

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Do you know of anything in Robert for or against Board members chairing, voting or speaking at committee meetings?

No rule in RONR prohibits board members from serving as a member of a committee, or even as the chair of a committee. They would have all the same rights as other committee members.

For board members who are not members of the committee, it is ordinarily at the committee's discretion whether they may attend or speak - they certainly can't vote.

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