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Proposed Amendment to the Declaration of Condominium

Guest janbrooke

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As an owner of two condos in this association - one we rent full time and the other we rent seasonally - we received the following Proposed Amendment to vote on by our Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors has proposed the Amendment in order to protect the general character of Gardens II as a community consisting of full and part time reseidences, rather than a rental project: to protect the safety and welfare of the Apartment Owners, by authorizing the Board of Directors: to determine that each potential purchaser has the financial wherewithal to purchase and own his/her apartment to make monthly maintenance payments and to pay special assessments and to give the Association certain rights with the respect to leased apartments:

The following is a summary of the pertient provisions of the Amendment:

- Gardens II Documents may change from "Time to Time" (Required by State law)

- All prospective buyers (and renters) must have a minimum credit score of 650

My quesion is - is this legal?? What if the person that wishes to purchase the unit is from another country and does not have credit here in the US?

I would like to hear also hear any other opinions regarding this Proposed Amendment.

Thank you.

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