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Do old chairs continue if new chairs are not yet selected?

Guest Dinamom

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Guest Dinamom

Bylaws of my PTA state that the term of office of a committee chair is one year or until the selection of a successor.  The term for new chairs begins on July 1.  


Our bylaws also permit chairs to be appointed for additional terms.


When July 1 passed, our PTA President removed all the old chairs from the board listserve and informed the chairs that their positions ended on June 30 after serving for one year.  However, no new chairs have been appointed yet and it is July 17.  Do you think the President was following the bylaws?  Do you think the President should have removed the chairs from the Board listserve?  There are a number of chairs hoping to continue the following year and they are no longer considered as chairs until the executive committee has a quorum this summer and can elect the new chairs.  So, the President essentially has a gap of time with no chairs in the organization.  

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 Do you think the President was following the bylaws?  .  


It certainly doesn't seem so. I believe there's only one way to interpret "or until the selection of a successor". You could raise a point of order at the next meeting that those committee chairs are in fact still in office. Whether they should have been eliminated from the board listserve depends on whether that listserve normally includes the committee chairs (and maybe whether they are considered board members or not).


Also, if the executive committee is the body that appoints the committee chairs, only they would have the power to remove them, not the president acting individually.

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