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Double Whammy on Resignations of Pres and 1st VP


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Our organization has an Executive Committee consisting of Pres, 1st VP, 2nd VP, Secretary, Teasurer and Ex-Officio Past Pres.  The Bylaws authorize the Executive Committee "to transact business for the membership...and to appoint replacements in their numbers as necessary."  It also states who assumes the Pres duties in the absence of the Pres - the 1st VP, the Pres and the 1st VP absent then the 2nd VP assumes the duties.


On August 29 - the 1st VP resigned and sent it directly to the Pres.  The Pres then proceeded to designate an appointee to the position.  She did not call for a meeting of the Exec Committee to confirm the appointment and assumed she had authority to do so on her own. 


On Sept 5 - the President resigned sending the resignation to all the Exec Committee including the appointee.  Two days later she told her appointee that the appointee as 1st VP was now Pres.


Meanwhile, the 2nd VP had obtained a copy of the 1st VP resignation, contacted the Secretary, Treasurer and Past Pres to schedule an emergency meeting to address the resignations, and to appoint the replacement for the 1st VP.  Once the Exec Committee accepts the resignations...doesn't the 2nd VP automatically become President.  Or do we need to accept them in the order that they were submitted?


Thank you for your help!

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And unless I've missed something in your description, you will also want to break the news to the president's appointee for the Ist VP position that his appointment was invalid, based on your statement of what the bylaws say about the authority of the executive committee. Of course you - meaning the remainiing members of the executive committee - are free to turn around and appoint that same person to one of the vacant postiions if you so choose.

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