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Vacancy in board officers positions


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We have a board chair vice chair and secretary/treasurer - board chair passed away, vice chair will become chair, what happens to vice chair position and duties?


Actually, the vice chair has become the chair. The vice chair instantly and automatically becomes chair when there is a vacancy in that office, unless your bylaws specifically provide otherwise. The chair position fell vacant when the chair passed away, so the vice chair is now the chair.


Whichever body (the board, or the general membership) elects these positions needs to hold another election to fill the now-vacant vice chair position. You will need to provide notice of the election before the meeting at which it will occur.


...assuming the bylaws are silent. If the bylaws specify how vacancies are to be filled, follow that process.


Additionally, if the board has full power over the affairs of the society between meetings of the membership, that would include the power to fill vacancies in offices which were elected by the membership.

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O.k., what if the current secretary/treasurer wants to be considered for the now-vacant vice chair position?  Can someone nominate him to the vice chair position and then nominate a second person for the secrtary/treasurer seat?


You should probably wait until you know if the Secretary/Treasurer wins the election for Vice Chair before you start nominating people for his current position, but that otherwise sounds fine. Keep in mind that previous notice is required for elections to fill vacancies.

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