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Treasurer's duties for non-profit corporation

Guest Eileen

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Is it the Trreasurer's duty to present reports to the members of all income and expense during the year.   If no meetings are held for several months, should the next report include all income and expense since the last report?


RONR notes that a regular Treasurer's report may simply consist of a "a verbal statement of the cash balance on hand - or of this balance less outstanding obligations," although the assembly may certainly require more detail if it wishes. If the organization does require that all reports include "all income and expenses," it would certainly seem logical that a report would cover the period since the last meeting.


The annual report is more detailed, and is described in RONR, 11th ed., pgs. 477-479, with a sample report found on pg. 478. That report does include (at a minimum) a summary of the organization's income and expenses for the year.

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