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Introduction of candidates for election


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we just held our elections for our non profit society.    When one person nominated another from the floor he wanted to give a very brief overview of this member he nominated.  He was turned down by the person presiding over the election.   There were multiple people running for the same position and other of the nominees wanted to introduce himself and say why he wanted to run for the position as he was fairly new to the society so many people did not know him.   Again the presider turned him down.     Our bylaws say nothing about this and we can't seem to find anything in Roberts Rules that prohibits someone from introducing themselves and telling the membership why they want to run for that position.    Does the person running the election have the right to disallow nominees from speaking?   Our executive thinks it would be advantageous to allow these introductions as otherwise people seem to get elected just because they are more well known than a newer member.

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