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when treasurer has stroke who replaces her and finances are at a standstill

Guest GButman

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During last year's administration year our treasurer took a stroke.  The finance chairman decided to take her place with out going before the governing board to be voted in.  That presiding president did not appoint anyone.  We do not have in place what happens when an officer is out sick for a long time or cannot perform their duties, only for the president.it states that the vice president will take her place.


This new administration has been very patience with not having the finances in place for the last 6 months.  The treasurer keeps saying give me two weeks.


The standing rule states that : 

The Department Treasurer is responsible for receiving, recording, and depositing all monies and discharging all obligations when proper authorization is given.



As president I do not receive all vouchers to be approved as she says that is not how she does it.  We as an organizations have not had a balance of our accounts since March.  Our obligations have been asking where there monies are.


With the treasurer home with recovering from a stroke it has been hard for our organization to function correctly.  The department secretary and the finance committee had put into place a check and balance sheet to help the treasurer with the department secretary going to the bank making the depoists, copying all monies received and sending the copies to the treasurer.  The treasurer does not like this.  This puts a red flag in my mind.  Obligations that were made have not been paid as the treasurer cannot proof the balances.


What can we do - I know that within RRO it does talk about have the treasurer step down because she cannot do her duties.  We have asked and asked what we can do to help her - she states nothing she can do it.  We don't even know if the quarterly reports have been filed, etc. 


Is there anything in RRO that can help us?


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First things first, the Board should write the Treasurer about the issue asking when the Board will receive a Report.  This assumes that you have not already done so.  Then you can either read Chapter XX of RONR unless the By-laws have something about removing a Board member.   It is not a nice thing to have to do under the circumstances, but by giving the Treasurer a written request, it will become apparent that the Treasurer does not plan on doing the 'honourable thing' and resign. 


Basically, give the Treasurer one last chance to resign before you remove the Treasurer from office.

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Thank You both for your answers.  WE have given her many times to gie us a report.  Keeps on saying two more weeks and I will have it done as long as I dont' ahve a set back.  I have called a meeting for the end of the month to resolve this issue.  It is hard because she is very good at her position.

I have given the Long Range Planning Committee to put into place a policy on many issues that should be addressed by January.  Hopefully this will guide our organization into a more proactive and productive avenue. 


Thanks again for your feedback.

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