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making motions that are not in agreement

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Our organization has a recommendation to make to its members.   We now have a member who wants to bring a motion forward to stop  the recommendation until we make a decision that would be in contradiction to our bylaws.  Is this permissable?


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Well...  sorta....  You seem to be describing two (separate-?) issues that really should be taken care of one at a time.


First, the "recommendation":  Your unhappy member is free to argue against the adoption of that recommendation  --  indeed the only proper way it, the recommendation, can be "stoped" is by defeating the motion to do whatever the recommendation calls for.


Whether it is stoped depends on how the vote comes out.


Second the "decision":  when, or if, the motion is made to undertake or make the "decision" it is proper to make a point of order that making the decision is in violation of the bylaws.  I can't say, from here of course, if the matter of the "decision" is indeed contrary to the bylaws  --  that will be up to your memershhip.


If I have this all wrong, please try again with your question.

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