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is 2nd required if vote occurred?

Guest Corning

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Minutes for a recent meeting were just released. Said minutes state a motion was made, but not 2nded.The minutes do not report the vote. However, that motion was voted on and passed. I don't recall if the motion was 2nded, though i am working to find out who may have. I beleive others will concurr that the vote passed. If we're unable to confirm the motion was 2nded, would that kill the motion?

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Also if you ask a follow-up question like whether it's too late to second the motion now, probably some helpful person like Mr Harrison or Dr Stackpole or someone else will tell you.


Well, now this is an interesting question.


RONR states, "However, until debate has begun in such a case [when the chair stated the question without waiting for a second]—or, if there is no debate, until the chair begins to take the vote and any member has voted—a point of order can be raised that the motion has not been seconded; and then the chair must proceed formally and ask if there is a second." (11th ed., pp. 36-37)


RONR also states, "The effect of the adoption of the motion to Reconsider is immediately to place before the assembly again the question on which the vote is to be reconsidered—in the exact position it occupied the moment before it was voted on originally." (p. 324)


So, if there was no debate on this motion, and if it's not too late to make a motion to Reconsider, maybe the motion can be seconded after the vote on it is reconsidered. :)

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