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Can A Motion be made on money already spent

Guest stanferd98

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I have a board member likes to spend money and bring to next board meeting and get it approved. Is this a good motion or is it out of order


It is in order, but it is not a good motion. :)


The problem is that if the board does not approve it, then the board member who spent the money is responsible for the charges incurred. So this is probably not the best idea on his part.

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(Off regular keyboard)


I might also venture that if the board did not want done or bought what the money was spent on, the difficulties might go beyond the board member's pocket, or beyond discipline.  We had a black hole exterminating club and some of the members tried throwiing disused planets at them, hoping to make a dent.  We kept explaining that black holes eat planets, so stop feeding them, and were at our wits' end when someone doing an audit noticed that the club was paying for the planets in the first place.  We put a stop to that for sure.

-- GcT

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