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What type of meeting is this:  A Board meeting, a Committee meeting, or a meeting of the general membership? 


The answer depends on this, as there are essentially four possible answers:


1)  If this is a Committee meeting, then the answer is yes the Chairman can make a motion.


2)  If this is a Board meeting, and the Board is using the relaxed rules of RONR (i.e. because there are no more than a dozen members), then yes the Chairman can vote.


3)  With a Board meeting not operating under the relaxed rules, or a general membership meeting, then if the Chairman is a member of the group then the Chairman has the right to make a motion, although the Chairman should refrain from doing so in order to maintain the appearance of being neutral.


4)  If the Chairman is not a member of the group meeting, then the Chairman would not have the right to make a motion.

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It's "permitted" (assuming the presiding officer is a member of the body that is meeting) but, except at meetings of "small" boards (where not more than about a dozen members are present), the presiding officer should not make motions, participate in debate, or, in most cases, vote. See also FAQ #1.

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