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What is the proper way to record in the minutes that a voting member who was not in the roll call or call to order has some time later entered the meeting?


Is it necessary that such be entered?


What reasoning can be given for recording this information.


We have a Board of 9 and almost without exception the same three people are never at the call to order but enter 10 to 20 minutes later.


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One solution:  Schedule the meeting to start 1/2 hour later.


That was going to be my first response. But people who are invariably late will, invariably, be late.


Another:  appoint them to a committee during those initial 15 or so minutes.


This might be more effective. Or you could change from an open bar to a cash bar after fifteen minutes.


Possibly, just possibly, these three members have learned that nothing really happens during the first fifteen minutes. It's like showing up for a movie fifteen minutes late because [a] you're only missing the coming attractions and  movies rarely start on time because so many people show up late.

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