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Bad spam-filter: sorting blurry images

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Guest Nancy N.

If you're using the same operating system (Ubuntu) but a different browser (Firefox instead of Chrome), I'd say it's the browser, not the operating system.


Bingo.  The evidence is strongly suggestive (or indicative, I forget which is which) (but not ineluctable or dispositive, I'm not sure which is better here  -- where is Elsman when we need him?) that that's it.  I expect I'll be flipping from Chromium, my default, to Firefox, when coming to the world's premier Internet parliamentary website (if I know what's good for me), as long as it works.  She's not a hair-shirt person (as best I can figure out).


That still leaves lingering the problem that it's likely that (attempting) Original Posters who use open-source software the way I, uncharacteristically, happen usually to do, unlike the thralls of the dominant monolith (or its Tweedledee) that who are pretty much currently all computer users, are likely to find themselves facing the categorizing filter.  And their numbers may well be rising, since they are now the young adults who people like me and Edgar Guest have been saying for twenty or thirty years are the twelve-year-olds whom we need to consult to get our computers to work.


I concede that Mr Honemann, apparently unimpaired by whatever I've been drinkin', and his Guest_Guest pal who seems to know Fluffy better than I do, seem not to have the problems solving the categorizing filter that Edgar and I do.  Maybe we'll all go over their house and look.


... By the way, though Chromium is related to Chrome, they're not the same. Based on my limited research I see no reason for you to be using Chromium instead of the more stable Chrome. Which is what I'm using (with Windows XP).


Thank you -- but I seem not to be having problems with Chrome other than here; more to the point, it's way beyond my tech-savvy to install a different browser, willy-nilly.  I pretty much rely on that former 12-year old for everything but changing my light bulbs.


Oh for pity's sake ... in fact he himself changed a light bulb last time. Didn't trust me on a stepstool.  Not that I blame him.


(Thomas, how about that "who" and "whom" this time?)

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Just to clear up one thing:

I am sorry that the puzzle CAPTCHA is causing so much heartache. I was not aware that it behaved differently for Linux and have never see the blurry puzzle images. Also, I am not entirely clear on what the "consensus" is on how "we" feel about the puzzles....


It's not the puzzle spam-filter challenge that was at all objectionable, ever, and there were never blurry images in the puzzles.  The problem, with the blurry images and double-exposed photographs, is in the categorizing challenge.


I would never mention it again, ever, except that it apparently still filters out some -- perhaps rare, but some -- original posters.  (So apparently I inadvertently brought the categorizing-puzzle on myslef, by going to the Ubuntu OS and Chromium browser.  Probably a rare combination, but odd that a notable number of Original Posters mention the repetitions they have to go through to penetrate the spam filter.)

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