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Impeachment of Tenant Council Officer

Guest M Clare Cardy

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Guest M Clare Cardy

Our current elected President has poor emotional control, rants and bangs the gavel to drown out members, has attempted to "fire" the elected Secretary, has embarrassed other allied negotiating groups to the point he is now Persona Non Grata, has misrepresented us with HUD, has greatly reduced our treasury in one month by unauthorized expenditures and at the last meeting he jerked the Treasury report from the Treasurer's hands  to hide it. He justifies all his actions with "I am THE PRESIDENT".


Such Fascist behavior is non-compliant with our Bylaws which describes our Council as " a democratic network of interested tenants".


The President and his complicit Vice-President have been mailed letters of charges against them. Separately, the charges against each will presented to the next general Council meeting both verbally and printed; they will have their time to defend themselves. By our Bylaws, a majority vote of 'No Confidence " recalls them from office and a letter documenting that is signed by the Board members. By our Bylaws the meeting can appoint successors to fill the rest of their terms.


Have i missed anything here?


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