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Can President vote re: misconduct


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When does the President get to vote?  We have an instance where a board member is being 'tried' for misconduct toward the President.  The President has resigned.  Her BFF, VP is now the President.  Can the new President vote on the misconduct of the board member?


There are two different issues involved here. First, in a larger assembly, the President should not vote except when his vote would affect the result or when the vote is taken by ballot (although he ultimately retains the right to vote in all cases). In a small board or a committee, however, the President should feel as free to vote as any other member. See FAQ #1.


The second issue is that any member should not vote if he has a personal or pecuniary interest not in common with other members, although such a member still retains the right to vote. I'm not sure that this situation necessarily constitutes such an interest anyway. See FAQ #9.

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