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Errors in minutes and voting

Guest Scott Wolf

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just a couple of quick questions on procedure.

If the minutes of a meeting has an error in attendance (Some one was recorded being in attendance but actually wasn't)


Votes were held under this error and were recorded as being unanimously passed.


Are the votes official and legal?

Do these votes need to be revisited and re voted with the correct members recorded as voting?  


Thank you.

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As the motion was passed unanimously then the error does not matter. 


If the Minutes have not been formally approved, then when they come up, a member could correct the Minutes by offering a correction: namely to remove the absent member's name from the Minutes.  If the Minutes have been approved then a motion to "Amend Something Previously Adopted" could be made to strike out the member's name.


Regardless the motion was still unanimously passed as long as no one voted no.

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