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Board of directors votes

Guest Nick

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If the vote was a "counted vote" then the numbers will be recorded in the minutes of the board meeting. The general membership can order the minutes read at one of their meetings but an individual member (who is not a member of the board) has no individual right to see the minutes.


And if the vote was a "roll-call vote" then the minutes would, indeed, record how each board member voted.


And if the board meeting wasn't held in "executive session" I suppose a board member would be free to reveal the vote totals to a member of the organization (though he'd be under no obligation to do so and his account wouldn't be official).

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I need to look up what exactly would constitute an executive session.


Any assembly (e.g. your board) is free to hold all or some or just part of its meetings "in executive session". What this does is impose the highest level of confidentiality on its members. Some (most?) boards meet in executive session all the time. I'm sure some never do.


But even if a board meeting was held in executive session its minutes could be ordered read at a meeting of the general membership (which itself should be held in executive session).

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