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Do you mean an "item" that took the form of a motion on some topic that was disposed of (adopted, defeated, postponed, whatevered)?


If the "move back" is in the same meeting, the answer is probably "Yes", via the motion to Reconsider - p. 315.


If the "move back" is desired at a later meeting, then any member can move to "Rescind/Amend..." the motion in question - p. 305.


In either event, the "request" takes the form of a parliamentary motion, and it requires adoption to have the "move back" take place.

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Can a board member request to move back to a previous agenda item?

I assume we're talking about the same meeting.  (If not, the answer below will be incorrect.)


A member can move to Reconsider an item that was "decided" earlier in that meeting, providing that the mover voted on the prevailing side of the original question.  (If it failed, the mover must be someone who voted No.  If it passed, the mover must be someone who voted Yes.)


If there is a second, and if a majority agree, the motion will be reopened in the same  condition as it was before the vote was taken.  It is then open to further debate, amendment, or other disposition, or perhaps no change at all, depending on what takes place next.

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