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I'm confused.  At a General Meeting the executive board is not in session, and so can't appoint anyone, and can't create positions.  In fact they probably can't create positions even if they are in session, because the organizations officers are defined in the bylaws. 


Also, you don't say what this person was appointed to, or why the position is non-voting.  None of this bears any relation to what is found in RONR; perhaps you have provisions in your bylaws that cover it?  Maybe?

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My Apologies.

The Executive group meets throughout the year to review progress. At one of these meetings, they voted to appoint a person to a role that is only explained in our C & B/L's through the duties that are required to fulfilled.

This was communicated to us that this is an "appointed non-voting executive position" The role/position is not listed as part of our executive in our C & B/L's, however, we have found out that this person has been attending the executive meetings throughout the year. Not exactly sure why, but upon request for the minutes of these meetings, because the above person was a non-executive but was in attendance, we were told that the minutes are protected by "Roberts Rules" and were for the executive only.


Obviously this expands my question and brings up other issues. But I would like to know the following:

-Can this so called "appointed non-voting executive position" role be created without involving the membership?

-If not, is this person then looked at as a Member?

-If a member was in attendance at an executive meeting, should the minutes of these meetings be made available to all members?





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In the order asked....


"non-voting..."  Hard to answer for sure without reading your entire bylaws (which we can't do here  --  reading the entire RONR is quite enough, thank you!).   But this could be sort of an "advisory person", that the board calls on for specialized help.  That might be OK, particularly since he has no vote at Board meetings.


Member?  Absolutely not.  Only the bylaws can define membership (or motions establishing committees).


Minutes?  Normally the Exec Board minutes are reserved to the ExecBoard members, but the membership can insist that the minutes be "produced and read to the assembly"  --  See p. 487.


Suggestion:  Amend the bylaws to clarify who is supposed to take care of those otherwise unassigned duties and what that person/position might be a "member" of.

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Well, the "executive group" can invite whoever it likes to its meetings, and if it doesn't allow the non-member attendees to vote, it isn't breaking any rules. No harm, no foul I say.


As Dr. Stackpole makes reference to, the membership can order the minutes of the board meeting read at a membership meeting by a two-thirds vote, a majority with previous notice, or a vote of the majority of the entire membership.

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