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bypassing membeship application process


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Hi Everyone,


I have been looking for Robert Rules on application for membership.  We have few people join the club without filling out the application.  We do have bylaw to have application to be filled out and bring on the floor discuss to accepted or not.


We have president who is not cooperating and not doing anything regarding the application review process.  We have 4 new members who joined the club without filling out the application.  (president pulled these people in without applications)


How can we "suspend" these new members to prevent  more voting powers.  Do you know where and how can I find Robert Rules to suspend these people who are so called "members"


Thank you for your time and feedback !



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You would have to raise a point of order at your next meeting (be sure you have lots of friends with you!) that the bylaws were violated, and these new folks are not members.  See p. 247 for details and the following pages for what the next steps might be.


You may have to look in on Chapter 20, but don't be in a hurry to go there.

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Or in complete detail, "RONR" = Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition, pub. Sep. 2011,
Da Capo Press, Philadelphia, PA.


AKA   "The Right Book"


And, while you are at it, get a copy of RONRIB:

"Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief", Updated Second Edition (Da Capo Press, Perseus Books Group, 2011). It is a splendid summary of all the rules you will really need in all but the most exceptional situations. And only $7.50! You can read it in an evening. Get both RONRIB and RONR (scroll down) at this link. Or in your local bookstore.

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