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Special meeting improper notice

Guest Kevin

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I need a little help here. We have no chair, no vice chair, no secretary, and the remaining two officers are aligned on opposing camps.

Members in one camp have called a special meeting but failed to properly notice as required.

The 4th in line believes the notice was improper but is out of town. The 5th in line is part of the camp that wants to stack the committee with votes before  the election of new officers.

Would having the 4th or 5th officer preside make a difference, if majority favor meeting? and if they do not favor mtg? How does one procede to stop this improperly called meeting?

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In the absence of the chair, vice-chair, and secretary, any member can call the meeting to order and hold a brief election for a chair pro tem (a temporary presiding officer) who will then hold a brief election for a secretary pro tem.


You may not be able to stop this illegal "meeting" but any business conducted therein will be null and avoid. You'll raise a point of order to that effect at the next regular meeting. The chair will rule on your point of order. The ruling can be appealed. Majority decides who's right.

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