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Then the answer is "yes". Though one would hope they'd have a good reason to do so (such as if the honorary member did something dishonorable . . . like rob the petty cash box).


Edited to add: This assumes the board had the authority to grant the honorary membership in the first place. If not, this honorary member never was a honorary member so need need revoke his honorary membership.

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Past boad members


The bylaws would have to establish the existence of this class of membership in order for anyone to be an honorary member.  If so, the bylaws may also contain rules about how one enters (and exits) the state of honorary membership.   So the first step in answering the question is checking the bylaws. 


If they say nothing about honorary members, then there is no such thing as an honorary member. 

If they say how honorary members are created (or destroyed) then those are the rules you have to follow.


If they don't have details on who can revoke honorary membership, then the general rule is that the body that is authorized to enact something is the body authorized to repeal that action--in this case the board.

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