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calling "meetings"

Guest roy

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upon realizing prior message... I searched in existing bylaws, leading me to realize this...


A) there only a sentence "In case of vacancies between Conferences, the Board may

elect officers at regular or special Board meetings." Unfortunately no guide or procedures is given on how calling, allowance,, who, when and where for either types of meeting.


B) there is in bylaws, convention meeting (which is equal to assembly or membership meeting). 


C) since the phrase "special board meeting" is not in RONR.  I do not know how to interpret this type of a meeting. From other forum, this might be invalid type of a meeting to be called upon (immediate). 


so my question boils down to this...  If bylaws does not give "who, how, when, where" for regular or special meetings,


Then organization could have or establish regular meeting (no special meeting and mystery on special board meeting), and what is the proper way to establish "un-guided" regular meeting?




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