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Resignation of executive committee members rescinding their resignation

Guest Steve wade

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Who reads the resignation at the meeting?  Two of our officers resigned by putting their keys and resignations on the desk of the secretary.

Should this be a part of her report?

The replacement announcement is then under new business.  Is this corect?

The president doesn't want the resignations read, he just wants to announce it under new business.

Hope you can help me.


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Well, the fact that the resignations were offered and a motion (or motions) was adopted accepting them both go in the minutes.  See p. 291 - the president can assume those acceptance motions.   No need to go into any of the reasons  --  that would be "what was said", which doesn't belong in minutes, only "what was done" belongs there.


The "replacement announcement" can come immediately after that.


"Placing their keys", &c., sounds very melodramatic.

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Guest resignation of all members

all membres (ecxcept the president)of ExCommitee  (non for profit organisation) resigned because of the president's behaviour.  The reason: He is refusing to step down.

His behaviour: dictator, not respecting the majority voted decisions, terminating   membership without properly votes etc. the committee doesn't want to take the responsibility for his decisions. How to 'detrone' him?

Thank you for your help



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