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Votes required

Guest Ashlee Portelli Trinidad

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Does Roberts Rules specify what percentage of votes are needed in a meeting to pass a recommendation. Does Roberts Rule for Example say 2/3 or just simple majority?


A recommendation would typically be a main motion, so:


7. Requires a majority vote, except:

  a ) when the motion proposes an action for which the bylaws or special rules of order prescribe a requirement of more than a majority vote (such as a two-thirds vote, or previous notice [pp. 121–24], or both). For example, the bylaws of some organizations require greater than a majority vote for motions proposing admission to membership, the purchase or sale of real estate, etc.;

  b ) when adoption of the motion would have the effect of suspending a rule of order or a parliamentary right of members, in which case it requires a two-thirds vote—as, for example, a motion to place a special limit on the length or number of speeches per member during a meeting or a session; or

  c ) when adoption of the motion would have the effect of changing something already adopted, as in a motion to postpone an event previously scheduled by vote of the assembly, or to discharge a committee (from an uncompleted task previously assigned to it by means of a main motion, before the committee is ready to report)—in which case the vote required is as stated on pages 306–7 under Standard Characteristic 7 of the motion that takes the form either to Rescind or to Amend Something Previously Adopted.


RONR (11th ed.), pp. 103-4

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