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Illegal meeting? What next?


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A sports club's by-laws state, "Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) shall be held on or about the third Tuesday of August."  The existing Board has decided to hold it tonight, the 4th Wednesday of July (which I think is beyond "on or about").  There has been no bylaw change made and proper notice was given.  It was pointed out that this violated the bylaws to no avail.  Tonight's meeting will be the first "meeting" since it was announced.


Under current bylaws, amendments tot he bylaws can only be made atthe AGM.  There are proposed changes to the bylaws on tonights meeting agenda.


Will any bylaw changes be binding?


AGM's are specifically to include elections. 


Given the existing bylaws, if elections are held at tonight's meeting, are they illegal or binding?


To further complicate matters, it is likely that after tonight's elections, none of the existing board members will be on the board.






PS - If I ever gety on this board, I'm hiring a parlimentarian to clean up our bylaws!

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Raise a point of order at the next legitimate meeting to the effect that this "AGM" was illegitimate and all business conducted therein is null and void. The chair will rule on the point of order. Let's assume he rules it not well taken. You can then appeal the ruling. The assembly (the members present) will decide who's "right". It's quite possible that a majority will find that the fourth Wednesday in July is "on or about" the third Tuesday in August (though I certainly wouldn't).

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They are claiming that this is a more appropriate time for the meeting and that the date in the original bylaws is "inconvenient for board members."  I pointed out that if they hadn't set a date in the bylaws or hadn't implemented such rigid restraints on bylaw changes, this wouldn't be much of an issue.


The bylaws say:

Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) shall be held on or about the third Tuesday of August, presided

over by the President of the Board of Directors, to elect Board Members and approve Bylaw

amendments. Notice of this meeting shall be made known to the membership at least thirty days in

advance of the date of the AGM.


The bylaws do not state who sets the actual date.

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So since it has already fallen on deaf ears, no point in bringing it up tonight?


Well, since your claim is that tonight's meeting is illegitimate, any business, including your point of order, the ruling, and the appeal, would be null and void. Which is not to say you can't stand outside the door with an appropriately worded sign.


In the end, if a majority of the members choose to disregard the bylaws you might want to find another sport. I suggest cycling.

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True, but this year there is a 29 day difference, which is essentially a month.  Thats a pretty loose interpretation


YEah, it's loose -- but the interpretation, loose or tight, is up to the membership.  If they decide, tonight, that tonight's meeting satisfies the bylaws requirement, then the ultimate authority in the matter has spoken.

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