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Members of a Board Submitting Questions Prior to a Scheduled meeting


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I have a question regarding how to identify questions submitted against an agenda, sent out prior to the Board meeting.  A Board was schedule to meet and as part of transmitting notice, the agenda was sent out in advance.  A member of that board sent questions regarding one element of the agenda, as a "help" or maybe to notify the member bring the cause or action, that they had questions regarding it.


The member sending the question has a significant disagreement with the cause or action, but in the end, the full 18 members of the board votes 17 yea, 1 no.


Subsequent to the meeting, the clerk of the board sent out the minutes of the meeting and the opposing member is asking that their emailed (to all 17 members, moderator and clerk) prior to the meeting be included as "correspondence" "sent" to the meeting.  They did not produce those questions in writing at the meeting or introduce them because they believed the board member who was asserting the cause or action gave a satisfactory response to the questions.  In particular, they want on the record their questions and it seems their reason for disagreeing with the overall boards decision.


My question is, is a member of the board, who "send" questions prior to the actual board meeting, is that considered "correspondence."


Thank you:


Steve McMahan


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I think your question can be answered by pointing out, per RONR anyway, essentially the only thing that belongs in minutes (administrative material aside) is what was done or decided at the meeting. None of the correspondence, discussion, debate, questions, whatever of that ilk that took place, belongs in the minutes. So none of those "advance" questions, nor their answers, &c, belong in the minutes.  See p. 468ff.

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