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What is the difference between a standing committee and an appointed committee


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Speaking of a small board.  The executive board of five and is elected.  The president appoints her chairpersons.  What is the difference between a Standing Committee and an Appointed Officer


A standing committee is a committee with continuing existence. It is generally defined in the bylaws and deals with a specific area of responsibility. This is in contrast to a special committee, which is appointed for a specific task, and the committee is dissolved when that task is completed.


An officer is a single person who holds some office within the society and performs the duties associated with the office (President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, etc.). An appointed officer is appointed by a specific person rather than being elected by an assembly.


If you meant to say "appointed committee," as the topic's title suggests, then again, "appointed" would mean that the committee is appointed by a specific person rather than elected by the assembly. Either a standing committee or a special committee might be appointed or elected, depending on the organization's rules and the assembly's preferences.


Your bylaws should define how the organization's standing committees and officers are elected or appointed.

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