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Guest Gary

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In our club, any member may file charges against another member.  It is our Board that decides to entertain the charges or not.  Charges have been filed against a member of the Board. This Board member is aware of the charges, which is normally not the case.  Normally members would only be notified of charges if the Board decides to entertain them.  Here are the questions:


1. Can the accused Board member participate in the discussion concerning whether charges are entertained?


2.  Can the accused Board member participate in the vote to decide if the charges will be entertained?


3.  Should the accused Board member attend the executive session where the entertainment of charges will be discussed and voted on?


Can you please direct met to where in RONR the answers to the questions are supported?


Thank you.




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Since you, apparently, have at least some disciplinary rules in your bylaws, they would supersede what is in RONR, Chapter XX. 


I am afraid you will have to sort out for yourselves how the "combined" rules might apply in your particular situations.  (If a "combination" is appropriate at all.)


(Take a look at the "Advanced Discussion" section of this Board for some possible discussion of some poteneral question about this business.)

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